Statement of Clarification on Illegal Impersonation of Cambodian Investment Holding Co., Ltd

We noticed that some overseas job seekers were maliciously invited to Cambodia to work by recruiters who illegally pretended to be Cambodian Investment Holding Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “CIH”). As far as we know, the positions recruited are mainly online customer service, sales, marketing and other positions with commissions.

The Group takes its reputation and compliance with Cambodian laws very seriously. After investigation and verification, the group is willing to provide the following information:

    1. Since January 2022, CIH has not recruited or invited any candidates for positions with commissions such as online customer service, sales, and marketing to work in Cambodia.
    2. The business cards used by impostors currently circulating on the Internet are fake, and there is no employee named JACKSON LOEB in the CIH group. The group has strict visual identification and logo guidelines, and the company’s official documents are stamped with the company seal. The company seal is engraved with Khmer, English and other words, which can be used as the basis for the authenticity of documents.


    3. The person who received the false job offer letter and was contacted has consulted on the group’s Facebook page, and our staff has responded and clarified accordingly. The official email address of the Human Resources Department of CIH is: All official emails of the CIH group are sent through the email address with the suffix, and the job invitation letter not sent through the email address with the suffix is regarded as fake.
    4. The official contact information of CIH is as follows:
      Official Website:
      Official Email:
      Official Phone: +855023230666 / +8550230777
      Official Facebook:

      We strongly recommend that after receiving the job invitation letter from CIH, you must confirm through the official contact information before joining Cambodia. Otherwise, candidates recruited by illegally pretending to be CIH may encounter great personal safety risks when they come to Cambodia.

    5. The Group strictly cracks down on illegal recruitment activities under the name of the Group. The Group reserves all legal rights to maintain the Group’s image and reputation.

Cambodian Investment Holding Co., Ltd

September 7, 2022