Cambodian Investiment Holding

Group Profile


Cambodian Investment Holding Group was founded in 2018, headquartered in Phnom Penh, with registered capital of 100 million US dollar. Based on strong financial strength and top investment professionals, the group rapid invested a line of industries involving national economy and people’s livelihood, to build an industrial ecosystem with 4 cores, inclduing transportation, energy, land and finance.

Cambodia’s economic growth rate reached 7.3% last year as the leading one in ASEAN, and is expected to continue its rapid development in the next 5 years. Taking advantage of Cambodia national development strategy, the Group actively responeded to “One Belt One Road” intiative, set up a bridge bewteen ressources and market, and committed to becoming a top-grade international enterprise, which possesses rational industrial structure, flexible business model, significant comprehensive advantages and efficient operation management.


  • Transportation: Airline、Express、Logistics Supply Chain
  • Energy: Minerals、Oil、Natural、Gas
  • Land: Land Storage、Trade、Property Development
  • Finance: Bank、Insurance

Meanwhile, the group is investigating more than 10 projects, including tourism complex, hospital, renewable resources industrial park, garbage incineration and solar power, aquaculture and export base, etc.


We open our arms to recruit the talents all around the world. At the present, the headquarter of group has gathered business elites from 7 different countries. As experts in their each field, they brought the advanced technology and concept to Cambodia, working hard as a team for the common vision.


Become Cambodia’s leading key investment cooperation partner.


According to the long-term development needs of Cambodia, the group will continuely invest the pillar industries related to the national economy and people’s livelihood, in order to improve the industrialization system, promote commercial prosperity, and achieve industrial upgrading.

Group Culture


  • Livelihood – In the period of construction in Cambodia, the investment will focus on the industries which are related to people’s livelihood.
  • Charity – Raise charity fund, support education and infrastructure, organize charity events.
  • Sustainability – Control pollution, protect environment, establish a model for sustainable development, and promote environmentally friendly society with practical actions.
  • Opportunity – Create more jobs, create a safe and positive working environment, and promote social and economic development.


The group never stops on the road of CREATION and CONTRIBUTION.

On one hand, the Group is steadily moving towards the goal of a world-class investment company, constantly creating value for shareholders, enterprises and society. On the other hand, the Group is also grateful to continue to give back to the society and contribute to the development of Cambodia.


  • Diversify investment and operations.
  • Establish a good relationship with government and the public.
  • Group standardized operation.
  • Long-term investment to create a better future together.
  • The initial projects are based on innovation and development.